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We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents.

Contact: Mr.David Song zxsong@hlhologram.com

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Hologram ID Overlay and Hologram Pouch

2D/3D Hologram is made up of multiple two dimensional layers with hologram images visually
placed one behind another with visual depth to produce an effect of three-dimensional hologram
structure. It has very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on first layer.

Hologram ID Overlay 1 2 3 4   Hologram Pouch 1 2 3 4

High brightness,perfect transparency! Extremely Low cost for custom design!

A. Hologram ID Card Lamination Pouches offer you a High level of protection for ID cards, badges and licenses at a affordable price. Pouches are used to laminate ID cards which are printed on paper. The heat-sealed lamination provides durability; thicker lamination creates a more durable identification card. The heat-seal adhesive provides some tamper-evidence. Attempts to remove the lamination usually results in tearing of the paper ID card. They offer protection against attempts at tampering and alteration made using common materials and printing processes.It offers your ID cards, badges and driver licenses an effective combination of security and attractive appearance.

security transparent holographic ID card samples 2

Hologram ID lamanation Pouch has customized designed holographic images which change color, intensity and perspective with the viewing angle. Holographic images can include high resolution dot matrix in combination with 2D/3D three dimensional holography.

The hologram image embossed on transparent hologram security laminate is beautifully bright and clear. A weak-intensity holographic image indicates solvent tampering. A destroyed image indicates alteration. An absent image indicates a counterfeit card. An optional destruct feature occurs during an attempt to remove the laminate - even if the perpetrator tries to reposition the laminate on another card or in its original place.



security transparent holographic ID card samples 2security transparent holographic ID card samples 2

security transparent holographic ID card samples 2security transparent holographic ID card samples 2




Full coverage protects everywhere. the transparent Hologram Security Laminate covers the entire surface of the card with its holographic pattern. This coverage reveals alteration attempts anywhere on the card, making fraud more apparent.

Clear protection is easy to see through. Unlike other holograms that can obscure vital information, transparent hologram security laminate goes on clear and stays clear.


security transparent holographic ID card samples 2


Type of Master Origination of Hologram ID Card Lamination


2D/3D Hologram

Flip-Flop Hologram and Kinetic movement in hologram

Standard and custom pouches are offered with the following features:

1. Material type: typically 4/6 (40% film / 60% hot melt adhesive) = 100 micron thickness.

2. Material thickness: 37 micron, 50 micron, 70 micron and 100 micron

3. Sizes: strandard credit card, driver licenses, business card, military card , luggage tag, jumbo, custom sizes



Hologram made in China. Chinese security hologram Supplier

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