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We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents.

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Hologram Machine

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The machine is very simple and lamination machine which laminates aluminum metalllized PET film(hologram sensitive pressure label film) together with silicon paper(liner) by adhensive. It's simple and easily run machine made just for our hologram sticker lamination.

Specifications of laminator body(three parts):
1. Machine body weight: 650KG
2. Machine body dimension: L5900MM*W450MM* H1700MM
Three parts of machine: 210mm*65mm*70mm, 160mm*90mm*70mm, 90mm*90mm*180mm

Specifications of lamintor's controller:
1. Controller weight: 50KG
2. Controller dimension: L600MM*W450MM* H950MM
3. Power.:220V 50HZ
4. Power consumption:5KW

1200 mm Wide Web Soft Hologram Embosser

This machine is suitable to emboss many kinds of film, such as transparent BOPP, PVC, PET film, extensively used in manufacturing hologram film for anti-counterfeit hologram packing material. Laminating together with hologram film, lots boxes have fake preventing packaging and improving their appearance with shining and vivid hologram effect. To metallize these transarent BOPP, PVC, PET film, we can get aluminum metallized hologram film in different color, such as silver, red, blue, green, yellow,ect.

Performance and Characteristics:
1. It only requires 20 minutes of heating to achieve work requirement, automatically coordinating with cooling system and realizing heat energy balance. Furthermore, It not only can save energyby two-third, but also work constantly and stably.
2. Jointing seam will not expand with hot.

1.Width of Roll:1320mm
2.Width of Press Film:1250mm
3.Max. Diameter of winding and rewinding:580mm
4.Coling system: Oil and water cool system
5.Speed of embossing:0M-50M/Min.
6.Meter Counter: Automatic meter counter
7.Thickness of Material(Film, BOPP, PET, PVC):0.012-0.200mm
8.Temperature controlling:temp.0--200C
9.Compressed air needs: 6 ATM
10.Frequency-change speed-change Motor:2.2KW
11.Auto temperature perseverance system:12.5KW
12. Power.: 220V 50HZ
13.Total Power consumption:16 KW
14.Weight of Main Machine:1.5T
15.Embosser dimension of Main Machine: W1800*L1200*H1500mm


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